Nobody wants to have to deal with an HMRC enquiry or investigation, but when they happen you will need guidance and help through the process.

An HMRC enquiry can happen whether you are in business or are an individual.  An enquiry can be as straightforward as a PAYE or VAT compliance visit to a full blown in-depth examination of books and records.  

The simplest things can trigger HMRC’s involvement in your tax affairs, for example:-

  • consistently late filing of tax returns
  • late payment of liabilities
  • the sale of a second property that was rented out and no history of rental income disclosure on a tax return, or disclosure of the sale
  • fluctuations in business profits may require explanation.

In addition, from time to time HMRC launch campaigns to target specific sectors, sometimes offering a period of amnesty to mitigate penalties.

HMRC can go back in time depending on the nature of their investigation for between four and twenty years.

At HGR Accountants we are able to guide you through the process, help prepare your case, tackle the technical and tax legislature matters, stand between you and HMRC, negotiate on your behalf and manage the process.

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