Chartered Tax Advisers Can Save You Money!

A bold statement perhaps, but at some time in our lives we have all had a go at DIY which has not turned out quite right or worse!

Well it’s the same with tax and here is why:-

  • Firstly, for what may seem like a good idea at the time, you will be surprised how long it actually takes;
  • Secondly, tax legislation here in the UK is complex and tax cases are many, one transaction can have an impact on many taxes that the DIY enthusiast just won’t know about, your tax adviser may well have dealt with the issue before and will know where to look;
  • Thirdly, your tax adviser will be able to tell you what records to keep and make sure you claim all the correct reliefs  that are available;
  • Fourthly, your expert will deal with HMRC on your behalf through tax agent dedicated lines, answered more quickly than the publicly available phone lines, thus matters are resolved more quickly, giving you a greater certainty of outcome;
  • Finally, we will keep you on the right path, advising you of filing and payment deadlines so that there are no surprises.

Five good reasons to use HGR Accountants Limited, Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants and spend more time on your business not in!

What is Compliance?

All firms of Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants talk about “Compliance”, but what is it?

Compliance is about filing information (tax returns and accounts) with the various Government agencies:-

  • Correctly;
  • Completely, and
  • On Time!

It is about making sure information is checked thereby reducing the risk of mistakes, investigation and penalties.

Compliance is about ensuring an individual, trust or business (of what ever structure) complies with the relevant Law.

At HGR Accountants Ltd, compliance is about trust, honesty and getting it right.

The Importance of Records

Up to date financial and accounting records are important on so many levels.  The life line of any business is cash.  In its various forms, ‘cash’ is still ‘king’.  A regularly reconciled bank account will help you plan and manage the ‘life blood’ of your business.  Many small businesses fail because of poor cash management, they move a great product or service, but if cash is not collected and suppliers paid in good time, difficulties may arise.

Keeping good records as transactions happen will help resolve issues down the ‘road’, whether these questions are from suppliers, customers or government agencies such as HMRC.

Up to date records means accounts and tax returns can be prepared in good time for filing with HMRC / Companies House / Charities Commission etc to avoid filing penalties. 

Knowing what your tax liability is in good time allows you to put the money aside instead of playing a ‘catch up’ game with your cash.

If you are a limited company the law requires the directors to keep full accounting records.

Keeping good trading records from the start will enable you to monitor if and when you need to become VAT registered.

If you are unfortunate to be involved in an HMRC enquiry, good records will make the process easier and shorter.

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