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Have you claimed your Child Trust Fund cash?
14/10/2021 - More...
Young persons who turned 18 on or after 1 September 2020 may have cash waiting in a dormant Child Trust Fund (CTF)

Letting agencies and the Money Laundering Regulations
14/10/2021 - More...
HMRC is responsible for the money laundering supervision of certain businesses including letting agencies. Businesses

Don’t miss out on this tax allowance
14/10/2021 - More...
If you are entitled to the marriage allowance and have not yet applied, then you could receive a payment of up to £1,220


VAT can be a ‘minefield’ for many businesses and a subject that can be difficult to understand with its own jargon and ever changing interpretation and goal posts.  HMRC demand more and more from businesses adding to the regulatory burden of running a business.

At HGR Accountants our aim is to take the mystery out of the legislation and to make the process of completing quarterly VAT returns as simple as possible.  

We assist our clients to:-

  • Register for VAT
  • Prepare VAT control and reconciliation
  • Choose the VAT scheme that suits their business
  • Complete their VAT returns
  • Understand the VAT impact on transactions.

HGR Accountants also offer a VAT health check, call the office for details.


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